Custom, Freelance Wordpress Developer in Jaipur

Whether you're building a blog or a full-blown website complete with an easy-to-use CMS, a Wordpress website by a freelance wordpress developer in Jaipur is a fantastic solution. Theme customization allows our Wordpress developer to create beautiful, well-optimized websites with one of the world's most popular Content Management Systems. As much as we like Wordpress templates, they are exactly that. Templates. The last thing your business wants to be is one of the crowd. You use your product and service to set you apart from the competition. Why should your Wordpress site do anything else?

Wordpress out-of-the-box is great. With some customization, Wordpress is awesome. Wordpress is the most commonly used blog and CMS ( Content Management System ) for a reason. It is hugely powerful, has a relatively small learning curve, and is highly customizable. On top of it all, it is free to use for both personal and commercial enterprises. Wordpress is no longer simply a blogging tool. Fully featured websites with custom designs, ecommerce, excellent Organic / Search Engine Optimization are all offered via Wordpress. Our freelance developers have worked extensively with this wonderful application.

Wordpress Blogging

Have something to say? Write a blog. Wordpress is the best rated and most popular blogging tool available, bar none. It has tremendous versatility coupled with an easy-to-use interface so professional freelancers and hobbyists alike can start blogging in minutes. Blogs are a wonderful way for you and your audience to have actual dialogue. You write about your topic and your readership can respond. Blogs are informative, entertaining, and can be immensely beneficial to the SEO value of your website.

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Maintain Content with Wordpress

One of the key elements that search engines like Google and Bing! keep stressing site-owners need to concentrate on when attempting to garner SEO juice is "original, relevant content". A CMS like Wordpress can be an invaluable tool toward that end. If you want to keep your content fresh and original, there is no better way than writing a blog. It keeps your content organized for humans and search engines alike. It is easy to update so you can write prolifically without engaging your web developer. It can attract a very large audience when done well.

Want to post some images but are intimidated by having to crop, resize, and code them to be responsive? No problem. Want to keep your readership engaged with new, informative content on a regular basis but don't want to have to pay your web developer? No problem. Want to maintain your own inventory in an online ecommerce storefront? No problem! A Wordpress website allows even beginners to do all of these things with a simple, point-and-click interface.

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Wordpress E-commerce

Wordpress has evolved into a juggernaut in the e-commerce realm for good reason. There are oodles of choices in regards to e-comm plugins from a variety of independent web developers. All of this competition means the products keep getting better and better. Most of these products are much more client-centric than most of the competition. Despite being fully-featured, Wordpress stores are becoming simpler to use. So our clients don't need to earn a Computer Science degree in order to run their online store.

Wordpress shops are feature-rich. Shipping tables with all kinds of customization are available. Hundreds of templates are at your disposal and with some customization by Nanak Web Design Wordpress developers, your storefront will be every bit unique and your own. SEO plugins make adding new 'searchable' content a breeze. And you can choose from a variety of payment processing options from major players such as Paypal, Amazon Payments, and Stripe. You can even manage your inventory!

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Wordpress is Open Source

Wordpress is an Open Source application. Open Source means that the code used to write Wordpress is completely editable. This allows our PHP Coder and web designers to provide customizations to your Wordpress blog template with modifications of your or our design. It also means that as a Wordpress user, you have access to thousands of Themes and Plugins designed by hundreds of spectacular, independent freelance developers around the world rather than a handful of employees.

Wordpress is Free

Want to know another reason that Wordpress is the first choice of both agency and freelance developers? Wordpress is free. That's right. Wordpress is free for both personal and commercial enterprise. The list of larger companies using Wordpress storefronts include the likes of Porter & York steak company and Blue Star Coffee Roasters. Much of the beauty and power in a Wordpress store comes from using custom enhancements that you have to pay for but at flat-rate prices like $59.00 each, you really can't go wrong. Unlike some of the larger ecommerce beasts, ( we won't name any names ... Magento ), you don't need ridiculously beefy (and costly!) web hosting to run it either.