managed web hosting

Managed Web Hosting

We all want Quality Web Hosting. Your website is supposed to add to your business. Not take you away from it. We will manage your website hosting account, domains and DNS, and email accounts so you don't have to. All while providing you with the features and reliability you expect for a price that you will love. Like many quality web hosting providers, we provide you with all the options that most any small business would desire including MySQL databases, PHP, Email accounts/forwarders, etc.

Managed hosting plans for only $7.99 monthly! If you have paid time left with your current hosting provider, we will negotiate to have your account refunded on any unused time. We will also transfer all files from your current web host to our web host servers FREE OF CHARGE!

No Setup Fees

Part of offering quality web hosting is not charging setup fees for creating accounts. Many web hosts advertise this and follow through on it. However, what they do not follow through on is executing your account setup. They require you to do it yourself. Which means, in the end, many clients wind up paying developers like us to do it for them. With Nanak Web Design, LLC web hosting there are no setup fees and we do the work for you.

no setup fees
email accounts

Email Accounts

Nanak Web Design offers professional email accounts and aliases(forwarding) with your own domain for all of our web hosting clients. We will manage them for you as part of our hosting service.

Domain Registration

Your domain, or web address, selection is an important part of your web project. For many reasons. We will help you in registering, configuring, and making good selections of your domain(s) with a sensible provider.

Billing and Payments

Unlike most other hosts that require 1, 2, or even 3 year contracts, Nanak Web Design invoices monthly with no other obligations. You can leave at any time... though we hope you'll stay. You can pay by major credit card, check, Money Order, or Paypal. Paypal fees are applied for online payments.

email accounts