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Organic SEO Service Provider in Jaipur

Natural Search Engine Optimization( SEO service provider in Jaipur), at times referred to as Organic SEO, is a hot topic in the web community. It is generally a more affordable search engine optimization, more ethical, and the results are longer-lasting than paid or "Black Hat" strategies. There are varying interpretations on just what organic search engine optimization is but most acknowledge some general principles. In short, most authorities would agree with the statement that it is the processes by which we improve the searchability of your site without attempting to trick search engines directly for the results. When our Freelance Web Designers develop websites for our clients, we leverage many organic, onsite SEO principles to set your site up for success among the major search engines.

Content is King in the SEO Game

In years past, many an SEO "expert" would stuff an inordinate amount of the same keyword into their content in an effort to manipulate the search engines into thinking their page was exceptionally relevant to the topic. Search engines became wise to the strategy and their algorithms consquently have adapted. To the point where players like Google actually may not only fail to offer an SEO boost for excessive keyword stuffing, but they may actually penalize your site's pagerank for it.

When thinking about content, good organic SEO wants to be mindful of the search engines. We not only want your keywords to appear but we want the language around it to be reflective of those keywords. However our main target should be the human audience. A good rule of thumb is to simply write content that is useful to the human readers who searched out our keyword in the first place. The search engines will recognize that fact and reward it.

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Keyword Research

Keywords or Keyphrases are the terms we want to target on our page. Firstly, think about your message and what terms prospective readers might enter into a search engine. Those are some good starting candidates for keywords.

Many other factors contribute toward determining what keywords we want to target, including competition, popularity, and relevance. For instance, if we were optimizing a site for a company that sells life insurance, the keyphrase "Life Insurance" might seem like an obvious choice because it has high relevance to the service we offer. However, a search in Google for the term yields in excess of 1,000,000,000 results. To compete with that many sites, we are going to have to spend an enormous amount of resources to be successful.

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Responsive, Mobile-optimized Design for SEO

Google's proclamation of Mobilegeddon caused trepidation in even the most stalwart SEO experts and website owners. In short, Google lead the charge on Search Engines giving SEO preference to sites that were optimized for mobile viewing. So if your website isn't of Responsive Design and your competitor's equally good site is, guess who gets a higher pagerank with Google. (Hint: It's your competitor!)

Markup and Meta Data

Not only does complying with proper coding standards cause your site to render and function better, but it is an integral part of good, affordable search engine optimization. Good code will help the search engines see that our content is the type of stuff our readers would want to find. Good, clean code also translates directly to page-load speed. Search engines love fast-loading pages. Therefore your site will get better search results.


There is no doubt that "good links" add to the searchability of a site. But as with most items in life, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. There is as much art as there is science to competent SEO. There are no hard rules for anything in the world of SEO because Search Engines closely guard their algorithms and policies better than most independent governments do their wealth. So knowing how many links are optimal for your site requires the gentle vision of a nuanced SEO artist. There are also types and aspects of links to consider. Backlinks, outbound links, internal links, anchor text are just a few elements to consider.